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Happy People Say "Provecho!"

Travel connects people in a special way. It opens up new paths for us, introduces us to other ways of life, and takes us to unexpected places.

Venus and Thor met in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico during a pandemic year. They quickly realized that their lives naturally revolved around two major themes: Street food and travel. It didn’t take long for them to come to one of those conclusions. They would spend time together researching cooking recipes, food trucks and cuisines around the world.

Guatemala City - Travel - Blog Preview Video

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The most important thing is to get inspired from everything

Love in the kitchen is twice as delicious. Any couple who loves food can attest to this. Venus cooks with real passion and spicy creativity. Thorsten loves to challenge himself with the different flavor profiles he finds everywhere. They pick up tips & tricks while traveling near and far, or on street food festivals along the way. Mixed with fresh recipes from friends living abroad they create incredible taste sensations.

Venus Rios

Spice it up

Thor Litzki

Creative Traveler

Food & Travel

The more recipes we understand, the more perspective we gain in life

huge honor

Our Favourites

But this story doesn’t end there. This is just the beginning of their journey together into the world of cuisines. As they explore local culinarily worldwide, they continue to discover new flavors as well as themselves. Often, they even find surprises in familiar dishes along the way. A major common concern is how to avoid food waste.

Foodies for life

Venus and Thor want to remind us to be more open to experiences beyond our daily routine. Thus, we are able to experience unimaginable pleasures – and love often follows on its heels! There is something magical in creating something unforgettable from simple ingredients!

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