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Creative Traveler

Thor Litzki

SEO Copywriting
International Travel
Media Design

Thorsten Litzki is SEO Copywriter from Germany. He specializes in machine learning and AI analytics.

His professional career spans various sectors, including in the technology industry and operational roles. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of SEO Copywriting LLC , a platform that helps businesses increase their SEO efficiency. Previously, Thorsten held various positions at corporate and gaming giants such as Apple and NCsoft, where he helped develop software to improve support. operations.

In his personal life, Thorsten travels to new countries and visits renowned wineries around the world. He loves to cook for friends and can often be found at local markets to do so. Whenever possible, he spends time with family and explores the outdoors. A passionate music fan, Thorsten also produces on his laptop and attends live music events in the area whenever possible. He hosts spontaneous jam sessions with friends all over the world.


As a devoted Canon EOS M50 and iPhone fan, Thor photographs rare glimpses of the country and its people. He is a practicing Buddhist of the Japanese Sōtō Zen tradition. Thor travels the continents in order to find the next great food experience.

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