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Spice it up

Venus Rios

Social Media
Video Editing
Community Management

Venus is proudly from Apan “The cradle of pulque and charrería” in Mexico. She is an engineer by profession with more than 12 years of experience in ERP consulting, work for which she has traveled to many places. The pandemic makes her try new directions and experiences. Writing, reading, dancing and taking pictures are her most beloved hobbies.

She loves to travel, eat and pet cats wherever she goes. Foodie at heart, it doesn’t matter if it’s street food, homemade or in a fancy restaurant, the point is to eat. The kitchen also holds surprises for her, improvising with the ingredients at hand. Always curious about new places and flavors to explore.

She is currently dedicated to marketing and is a digital nomad.


A lover of continuous learning. In youth to be a functional adult. Now in maturity as a way of life. The world is too big to stay to live in one place.

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